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Dec 27, 2008

Brass Antique Lever Combination Lock

This is an interesting combination lock using levers.

VERY UNUSUAL Brass Antique Lever Combination Lock - For sale is this very unusual brass antique combination lock. I have been buying and selling locks for a while and this is the first one of these I have ever seen.

Lock's body is formed from stacked brass disks. Six of the disks (every other one) can rotate and have projecting levers to turn them. Each of the rotating disks can be in one of three positions; center, left or right. When the disks are in the correct combination of positions the lock can open. There is some sort of wafer spring between the bottom disk and the next one up. I assume it is to keep tension on the lock's mechanism. You can see a gap in the pictures where the spring is. It should be like that.

Lock shows wear from normal use but has not been abused or forced. It works as it should. With a bit of thought and feeling the play in the disks and shackle lock can be picked quickly. Lock is unmarked. - eBay

This lock sold for $356 (Plus $4.80).


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