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Dec 15, 2008

PALMER 1876 - Leg Irons - Handcuffs

These are a great set of old leg irons/handcuffs. One great feature is how they are so modular. Another great thing is how they look like something you would see in a dungeon.

Up for auction is this VERY desirable pair of PALMER #2 Shackles/Leg-Irons manufactured in 1876. Each cuff is stamped/marked “PALMER PAT. JAN 18, 76” and “2”. Palmer made five different sizes of shackles, and each cuff was marked 1 through 5 which designated the size. The larges was numbered “1” and the smallest was numbered “5”. It is believed that sizes 1, 2 and 3 were designed as leg shackles. Numbers 4 and 5 are believed to be designed as handcuffs, and did not come with the chain.

It should be noted that all Palmer shackles can be used with or without the chain. Each cuff has a male or female end which inter-connect, as does the chain. Sizes 2 and 3 could be used as handcuffs or leg-irons depending on the individual’s size.

CONDITION: Excellent working order and nice smooth brown patina. The chain hinge moves freely and is not frozen.

This is a unique opportunity for someone to acquire this highly desirable set of Leg-irons, complete with detachable chain. The Palmer Leg-irons/handcuffs have become extremely scarce to find! - eBay

These had a 'Buy it now' price of $2,200 (Plus $10 shipping.) I do not think these guys come up available very often so it is hard to tell what the value is. This set is worth that much to its current owner, so that is what is important. At the close of the auction, the set went to a best offer of $1,550.

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