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Dec 9, 2008


I think these are my new favorite handcuffs:

Nice pair of antique hand cuffs. I love the sculptural aspect of the birds heads. These hand cuffs are in fine working condition and I believe the key is original.

I just learned that these were made by John J. Tower in 1887. They're known as Pinkerton Detective handcuffs because that law agency was believed to carry them. - eBay
This pair sold for $201.76 (Plus $4.80 shipping)

I have a pair like this. They are nice.

Here is another set:

Tower Detective Handcuffs w/ Key - Nickel plated Tower Detective handcuffs in perfect working order. Cosmetically they are covered with scratches (they are handcuffs after all) and there is some rust and pitting from rust, some which can be seen in the accompanying photo montage of the back of the cuffs (on the top) and the front of the cuffs (on the bottom.)

Referencing the accompanying photo, the largest area of pitting is around “eleven o’clock” on the upper left side cuff; around the sides of each cuff’s joints (upper right side cuff and lower left side cuff); and on the lock plate faces (mostly on the lower right side cuff).

The handcuffs' key comes with a retainer ring that is a jointed, 1 ¼ inches in diameter, circular metal arrangement with a spring closure to lock it securely. I believe this retainer may have been an item originally provided with the handcuffs. The only markings or writing on any of these pieces is stamped on the key retainer and appears to reads:


I say “appears to read” because I am not sure if the “B” is a “B” or a “P” or something else. The other letters and numbers are clear. I have no idea what the writing means or to what it refers but somebody went to the trouble of putting the writing there.

The handcuffs are about 9 inches across; the links about 2.25 inches of that length. The cuffs weigh 12 ounces and lock from an inside diameter of about 6 inches to 8 inches. These appear to be as strong and secure as the day they were first manufactured. - eBay

This set went for $177 (Plus $3.99 shipping)


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