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Oct 10, 2008

Yale's Smallest Padlock

I am a fan of small padlocks, provided they are sturdily made like this one:

Extra rare miniature Yale padlock. This is the smallest working padlock Yale made. It comes with two original keys which unlock it. The padlock retains nearly all of it's bright original finish, and has not been polished. The keys are unusual in that they are stamped steel instead of the common nickel silver. The keys are rusty and need to be cleaned with a wire wheel.

The lock measures a hair over 3/4 inch across, just under 3/8 inch thick, and stands 1 1/16 inch tall total. The tiny keys each measure 15/16 inch long.

This is a very hard to find miniature lock. - eBay
This lock has a 'buy it now' price of $135 with free shipping.


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