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Oct 23, 2008


Here is another variation of the Bottleneck handcuffs made by another manufacturer:

Authentic Caveney bottle neck handcuff with original key. Very good condition in working order.

These cuffs have been in the family for around 50 to 60 years and belonged to my Father-in-law. The pictures have been examined by experts who found them to be in nice condition and believe the key to be original. Please contact me if your an expert and find any error in my description. The photos very accurately show the condition of the cuffs. There the some pitting and light rust typical of items of this age and clearly visible in the photos. Patented Feb. 8, 1910.

Inscribed around the key hole: CAVENEY INVENTION Co. PATS.PENDING OAKLAND,CAL.FEB.8,10. - eBay

This great looking set of handcuffs went for $411 (Plus $10 shipping.)


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