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Oct 24, 2008


Here is a very unusual designed set of handcuffs:
Old vintage American made Heavy duty set of Maker Marked handcuffs (with original key) with a different & unusual design that creates a very secure & unique locking mechanism. These are stamped, "H & R ARMS CO., WORCESTER, MASS." in 2 lines, and "MADE IN U.S.A." in a separate 2 line stamping. These handcuffs have an unusual lock/unlock feature that uses an unusual shaped key that can only lock & unlock this style of handcuff. Most hand cuffs utilize a similar style locking mechanism within the ring, and thus, use a standard style key that can unlock most standard handcuffs. The original key for this pair is entirely round, with a cut out end forming 2 small pegs that lock/unlock the handcuffs. The unusual design utilizes a mechanism inside the top rotating swivel of each handcuff; i.e., the key is used through a hole in the end that is sealed off by the rotating shaft at the end that houses the curved connector piece. Thus, when the handcuffs are worn, the key hole is sealed off. Only when the curved piece connected to the round shaft is rotated 90 degrees does the hole in this shaft allow access to insert the key and lock/unlock the handcuffs. These are extremely high quality overall, with a milled groove in the swivel ratcheting part that stabilizes and secures this part inside the outside cover. These are heavy duty, and weigh 14.8 ounces. Complete and working condition with the original key. - eBay

This set has a 'Buy it now' price of $274.95 (With Free Shipping). However, it failed to sell at that price.

Too bad as they are pretty cool. I just need to talk myself into thinking that the handcuffs are worth in the region of that price.

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