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Oct 1, 2008


Here is a somewhat rare type of antique handcuffs. Clearly you can see why they are nicknamed 'bottleneck' handcuffs.

These magnificent, extremely rare handcuffs were manufactured by the Marlin Firearms Co. under a patent by Robert H. Daley. They feature a double ratchet system that was very difficult to open without the key. They were owned & used by my Great Grandfather from sometime in the 1890's through about 1910 when he was a Deputy U.S. Marshal and later a Sheriff in Missouri. These handcuffs show the marks of honest use & the effects of an unknown number of arrests. They are steel and were originally nickel plated. - eBay
This pair sold for $300 (plus $14.35 in shipping)

I am not sure I would have sold my great grandfather's handcuffs then again $300 is lots of money.


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