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Oct 2, 2008

Old German Flat Key Padlock

Here is what might be considered a very inexpensive and highly rare padlock.

Up for your consideration is 1 Old German, Push Key Padlock with two keys. The padlock was said to have been manufactured around 1920. I have one box of these locks that have never been used. Some of the locks have a different number on the bottom but all are identical. When you push the key in, the shackle opens. The padlock was said to have been produced around 1920 in Spaichingen Germany near Tuttlingen. Found in an old warehouse. The padlocks have never been used and I may have the only such padlocks in existence. Works great. New 1920 condition. 2 1/4" X 3 1/2". The padlocks have keys that match the number on the bottom of the lock. Could be a nice addition to your collection.. .In good condition with a few scratches. - eBay
The brown color is some sort of varnish or coating. This posting went for $2.25 (plus $2.05 in shipping.) You would have a hard time finding a new lock at that price.


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