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Feb 6, 2010

Vintage Adams 1862 handcuffs

Here is a recent example of a rare set of Adams Handcuffs. Note that at least one side appears to not be functional:

For sale: A vintage pair of Adams handcuffs that are in very good condition. They have been in my mothers junk drawer for as long as I can remember and she got them from her grandfather. First, the only thing that tells me that they are Adams, are photos I have seen on the web, because the only thing on them is PAT. JUNE 17 1862.

There is a word before PAT, that I assume is Adams but I can't read it. We never had the key so I got one on ebay, and one side opened right up while the other side remains stuck. I can feel the nub of the key lift the lock, but the arm will not swing away with just me pulling. The metal has a brown patina on it, the swivels both move freely and there are a few light marks and digs, but is in overall great shape.I am also selling a vintage pair of Peerless-Smith&Wesson cuffs, so check them out. I have been told I need to add that the arms have 8 notches, thanks for the help. - eBay (17 Jan 2010)

This set of handcuffs had a high bid of $228.50 (Plus $6.20 Shipping).

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