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Feb 16, 2010

McKenzie Mitts - Rare Antique Handcuffs

Here is a rare auction for a set of McKenzie Mitts.

Excellent condition, dark blue/black finish, all locks work. No belly chain. Key is an older replacement.

History: This particular pair of McKenzie Mitts originally came from Holyoke, CO. The Sheriff decided to throw them away one day. The Deputy Sheriff went out to the dump the following day and dug them up to put in his collection. They remained in his family for more than 80 years.

Mckenzie Mitts were designed by Jacob Oliver McKenzie. These handcuffs were patented March 10, 1925. In the book "Modern Handcuff Secrets for Magicians" author Dick Norman describes them as follows: "...the mitts were designed to completely enclose the prisoner's hands, which were, in turn, fastened to a belly chain to prevent these unusual cuffs from being used as a weapon. The theory behind this particular pattern was that in the event the guard fell asleep while transporting a prisoner on a long train journey, the prisoner could neither make use of the keys or be able to handle a gun. However, production of this item was stopped after only several dozen pairs were manufactured. The reason...was that these cuffs proved to be too good, making the wearer completely helpless to a point where personal needs could not be taken care of, and accompanying guards highly objected and refused to cooperate to this degree. Since railroads have strict rules about unshackling prisoners during transit, the cuff was used no further, and became the only locking device to be discontinued because it was too good." - eBay (12 Feb 2010)

This set of McKenzie Mitts had a high bid of $5,277 (Plus $35 Shipping). This is the same set that did not sell here.

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