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Feb 27, 2010


This is a very interesting idea made a little safer by limiting the ability for the cuff to close to the point of choking around the neck. Still, it looks like the metal swing arm could be a little more thick and the edges could be rounded a bit. Maybe the final version takes these issues into account.

Still, there is the need to observe anyone wearing such an item to ensure against accidental death.

Now here is something you have never ever seen before! The writer overheard someone in the gym talking about milling machines and after a brief conversation the new design was conceived!

This highly experienced team of engineers have developed this brilliant new item for us. You are looking at the prototype of a steel neck collar (a patent is pending). For a long time we have felt that law enforcement agencies need a modern neck collar to ensure complete control of their prisoners.

This collar is heavy! Just on its own it weighs nearly 2 kilos, yes 2 kilos, thats 4 pounds, 5.4 oz! We have spent a lot of time developing this product and we decided to drop a double locking option for a special stop which restricts how far the restraint can be closed. At the tightest setting the circumference is 21 inches (54 cms) so unless your prisoner is one of those people who have to be removed from his/her room with a special crane, it will fit!

We have not actually taken delivery of the new batch yet so please bare with us if we take a bit of time to deliver, however we do not anticipate an enormous delay, if any at all, indeed this sentence might be edited out before the end of the sale. Also, please bare in mind that the pictures are of the prototype which was not plated. The official item will be zinc plated to a very high standard, you will not be disappointed!

If you are a collector you will realise that this item is unique. - eBay

This item sold on eBay for 140.99 British Pounds / $214.64 (Plus 21 Pounds shipping).


jack mechal said...
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Cindy Dy said...

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