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Feb 15, 2010

French Presto Lyon handcuffs

A very nice and interesting set of handcuffs.

Presto Lyon

Up for auction is a very rare and beautiful set of the French Lyon Presto handcuffs. They were patented in February 22, 1922 in Lyon by M. Oscar Mussilier, patent # 547.991. They are made of aluminium alloy. The stampings read “Lyon", "Presto", "Brevete" and " Déposé " on the moving and stationary bows.

The shape is really unusual and no other handcuffs look like these. They also have a very special and unusal feature. When the handcuff is closed and opened by the key the movable bow spring open when putting some light pressure to them. The springs on the few handcuffs around in collections are always so fainted that this function has stopped working. Not many collectors are even aware of this original feature. This set is professionally “upgraded” with new springs in the hinge and work perfectly. On the bottom of the hinges is a release button that allows the handcuffs to be stored in a case in unlocked position without closing. To close them, just open the bow to the widest position and the bow is released and ready for closing. Both locks also work perfectly with very smooth action.

Click on the link to see how these handcuffs work;

Don’t miss the opportunity to add these beauties to your handcuff collection. They don’t come around very often. –Especially not in perfectly working condition with tense to the bows.

The shipping cost is $25 worldwide, insurance included.

Happy bidding!

- eBay (8 Feb 2010)

This set of handcuffs had an opening bid of $450 and a 'Buy-it-Now' price of $750 (Plus $25 Shipping) but for some reason had no bidders.

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