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Feb 4, 2010

Police Nippers W. Shear 1884

Here is a nice set of nippers. This is the first time that I have seem a set of this type. the price reflects it's rarity.

You are bidding on Vintage W. H. Shear Police Nippers, from Morrison, IL, Patent August 19, 1884. They are in very good condition and are still operable. I have presented 4 pictures showing nippers closed completely, medium opened locked position and full open locked position. I also have two sets of vintage handcuffs on ebay to auction if you are interested. I accept Paypal payment only and I do not ship outside the USA. I really don't know anything else about this item, I learned all I know from researching the internet. Thank you for looking and good luck with your bidding. Have a nice day. - eBay (26 Jan 2010)

This set of nippers had a high bid of $1,850 (Plus $12 Shipping).

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