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Aug 15, 2009

Old Iron Figure Eight Style Handcuffs

Here is what appears to be an old set of figure eight handcufs.

Old Pair Of Iron Figure Eight Style Handcuffs

Please see pics with tape measure for the measurements - Weight is 11.7 Ounces

There is some pitting to the metal and it looks like they may have been painted black, but I am unsure when.

I can see no markings of any kind

There is no lock, key, screw or whatever was used to lock these.

One side where they would lock has a small hole that is threaded and the other side where they come together has a larger hole with worn threading - the metal has cracks on either side of this larger hole as if someone tightened it alot or too tightly

Please see all the pics and ask any questions about description - Please don't ask questions about the age, history or origin as I do not know - eBay (28 May 09)

This set of handcuffs had a high bid of $282 (Plus $6 Shipping).

1 comment:

David A said...

I have an early pair of figure of eight handcuffs,they came from an old jail in Ireland,they are marked Ireland Dublin and the cuffs and key are numbered36.they only lock once with a threaded key on a tapering shaft.