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Aug 13, 2009

Antique Iron Locking Slave Shackles Leg Irons Alabama

Here is a real interesting set of leg irons. While I do not belive the slave story myself, they do appear to be very old. Wish I had them...

Antique Iron Locking Slave Shackles 1800’s

~From the Crow Estate in Selma Alabama~

You are bidding on a Set of Working Antique Iron Slave Shackles or Leg Irons from the 1800’s.

These were blacksmith made and come with the Original Key. These came from the Crow Estate in Selma Alabama. Mr. Crow was a Slave Catcher and used these restraints in the performance of his trade.

They feature a twisted, hand wrought chain and two working adult size cuffs. The set measures nearly 30” long from end to end. The unfinished iron has a brown patina to it now.

Hard to find in working condition with the original key, pieces of Americana such as this is desirable to collect now days. It will fit nicely in many different types of collections from Civil War, Black Americana, Slave Trade and even the Blacksmiths Craft.

Don’t miss this opportunity to own a genuine and authentic piece of America’s Past. - eBay (30 July 2009)

This set of leg irons had a high bid of $910 (Plus $17.22 Shipping).

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