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Aug 20, 2009

"Antique Spanish Colonial Iron Slave Shackles 1750 REAL"

I always wonder how accurate descriptions for items like this are. Unless you know for sure what you are bidding one, a story can ring truer than the truth.

Here is the real deal and an item that’s about as rare as rare gets! ... Hand forged Spanish Colonial leg shackles used on Indian slaves. The cuffs are covered in a rough felt. It was the Spanish that first brought slaves to Mexico, as early as 1520. Then they starting trading in Indian slaves, a practice that lasted well into the mid-1800s. To fill the labor shortage in the Southwest, an active Indian slave trade developed. Every year in the spring, Mexican traders took cheap goods to exchange with the Navajo and Ute for broken-down horses and mules, which they took to Utah and bartered along with weapons for Indian women and children. They in turn were taken to California and sold. The traders then bought more horses for the return trip. The horses were traded for more Indian captives, who were taken to Mexico. The Indian Slave trade later expanded to the Mormons who started buying Indian children from slavers and poor Indian families. They eventually legalized the practice, justifying it as necessary for the children's spiritual redemption and physical safety. The stronger males were usually used in the mines. The rarest part of this item is that the key (works) is included. About 18” long. This is a very rare 1750-1820 Spanish Colonial artifact.. You’ll never see another. They belong in a museum. Came out of a old Santa Fe Indian and arms collection, the collector had owned them for more then 40 years. I sell my listings WITHOUT A RESERVE , and NO returns. Study the pictures before bidding, and ask question if you are unclear about anything. We described things as best we can but we are not experts in every field. You may know more about the item then we do. You are the judge as to quality and value. I try to list several new item every other day, so keep check my listings including early western and Mexican pieces… - eBay (24 June 09)

This restraint with the colorful description had a high bid of $306.76 (Plus $12.50 Shipping).

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