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Aug 22, 2009

"Harry Houdini Houdini's Original Handcuffs" Including a Bean Giant

I saw this auction and never thought it was going to sell for the asking price. It did.

Extremely rare, Bean Giant, un-adjustable double locking handcuffs with white metal and patina flat double bit key. Rare J.J. Tower, double lock adjustable handcuffs, polished steel, marked Pat. June 17 '62, July 17 '66 with the key.

Phelps Handcuffs - These handcuffs are the oldest American adjustable handcuffs patented by Phelps in 1862.

Cuffs are framed and matted with museum glass. The plaque reads........

Harry Houdini Born March 24, 1874
Died Halloween 1926

"I offer $100,000 to any human being living can escape from all the cuffs I carry, and from which I release myself. No restraints can hold me!" Harry Houdini

Extremely Rare Bean Giant Handcuffs

Captain E.D. Bean of the Boston Police Department invented these un-adjustable, double locking handcuffs in 1887 and offered $500 to anyone who could escape from the 'Bean Giants'. Houdini accepted the challenge and during his heavily publicized event Houdini escaped from the restraints. Because Houdini would not tell Captain Bean how he escaped from the handcuffs, it is uncertain if he ever collected the reward.

Phelps Handcuffs

These cuffs are the oldest American adjustable handcuffs patented by Phelps in 1862.

Both sets of handcuffs and this unique late 1800's advertising poster were originally owned by Harry Houdini and were purchased from Sid Radner's private Houdini Collection. The handcuffs have been professionally framed and matted. The frame measures 28" X 14.5". - eBay (22 July 2009)

This set of two handcuffs sold for $10,100 (Plus free Shipping).

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Anonymous said...

Does Neil Patrick Harris know you have the handcuffs let him know He collects them