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Jun 16, 2009

RARE MAGNETIC handcuffs FN Belgium

Here is the latest auction for the Belgium magnetic handcuffs.

The handcuffs I offer here were produced by the firarms manufacturer FN of Belgium. The special feature about these cuffs is that a strong magnet is used as a key. For opening the cuffs the key is placed into the key-hole and then slightly pulled, which will lift the pawl from the swinging bow.

These cuffs are difficult to remove from a non-cooperative person, which was the reason that they were replaced by another handcuff model decades ago and today are a rare collectors item.

The cuffs I offer are mechanically perfect and in excellent condition. The key that comes with them is original and also the original leather case for belt attachment is part of this lot. - eBay (31 May 09)

This padlock had a high bid of $209.17 (Plus $15 Shipping).

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