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Jun 3, 2009


Here is an odd combination lock.

Up for sale is a RARE DRP Combination Lock with COMBO.

On the front Lock It says DRP and it has three dials. Combination is 4-8-9. Once you dial the combination you need to turn the lock upside down to move a ball bearing which allows you to rotate the shackle. Really Cool Mechanism!!! Lock works good and is in OK working condition. A bit rusty and aged as the picture will show. So please look at all picture for more accurate item description and judge for yourself. Lock will look better with some cleaning and rust removal, but I leave that to the decision of the next owner. I kept it the way it was since the rust is natural and gives it authenticity and history.

Total Height is 2 1/2" - eBay (5 April 09)

This Combination padlock sold for $47 (Plus $6.80 Shipping).

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