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Jun 4, 2009

Antique Wrought Iron Leg Shackle

I am wondering if the buyer of this item just got a good deal.

You are biding on one iron leg shackle. The chain is 2 feet long with a total length of 2 feet 6 inches. It is in great shape all of the chain links are good and free moving and the hinge moves great. I do not know exactly how old it is or what it was attached to. I think it was attached to a ball at one time. I bought the shackle at an old farm auction a few years ago and have it hanging on the wall. - eBay (1 June 09)

This leg iron had a high bid of $51 (Plus $5 Shipping).

This item appears to match another set that was listed at the Jim Main auction:

See more photos of the auction items at Handcuffs.Org here.

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