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Jun 11, 2009

Bean Collar - Leg Iron - Cuffs Combination

Here is an interesting combination of restraints. Very nice.

Antique Neck, Hands , Ankle Shackles! Real Deal! - Here is a set of antique neck, hands, and ankle shackles. It is most unique to find one with the neck shackle! These are NOT the replicas floating around everywhere, but genuine vintage restraints. BOTH keys are included, which is unusual. I do not know their exact vintage. The restraining chain is marked “ Dixie Brand Reg. U.S. Pat. Off. Electric Weld”. The handcuffs are marked “Tower Bean’s Pattern”. I could find no marks on the neck or ankle cuffs. They work fine. The locks are a bit tricky as these older mechanisms tend to be. GREAT collectible! Winner pays a flat $8.00 shipping to the USA. Thank you. - eBay (8 June 09)

This restraints set had an opening bid of $99 and sold via a 'Buy-It-Now' price of $150 (Plus $8 Shipping). But then the set was relisted noting that the original listing was not suppossed to have a 'Buy-it-Now' option. That listing too was pulled.

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Anonymous said...

Hopefully length of connecting chains was provided. Different lengths can result in very different effects and functionalities.