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Feb 9, 2012


What an interesting set of shackles. I'm not surprised that these went for the final price.

This auction is for a superb original antique set of shackles. These are made of very heavy metal (iron) and consist of a pair of handcuffs (for the wrists) and a pair of legcuffs with a joining metal chain (there is no lock or padlock with this set). These shackles date to the late 19th. century or early 1900's and according to the previous owner these came from a prison here in the Netherlands. These shackles are not marked and they are in superb condition. There is wear from age and use as you'd expect (see pictures) but no repairs or damage. The cuffs lock beautifully and fit well around an adult man's wrists and leggs. The inside space (opening) of the wrist cuffs measure 2-3/4" long (7 cm), a fraction under 2-1/8" wide (5,3 cm) and 1-1/2" deep (3,7 cm). The leg irons (the space measured on the inside) measure 3-1/2"across (9 cm) and 1-7/8" deep (4,7 cm). These are genuine antique shackles and cuffs, made from hand wrought iron. They are very heavy and superb quality, wonderful smooth and tight mechanisms with the original chain. The chain is not very long, so I'm not sure whether the chain would have been used just to tie the legcuffs, and then the handcuffs may have been tied together directly with a padlock or had their own chain originally. Or of course the chain could have gone through all the cuffs tying the prisoner's feet and hands close together. The chain measures 23-1/4" long (59 cm). The chain links are approx. 2" long and 5/8" wide. - eBay ()
This set of shackles had a high bid of $1,515 (Plus Free Shipping).

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