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Feb 11, 2012

For Sale - Clarke Combination Padlock

The Clarke Combination Padlock that you see in the photos below is for sale. The lock is in working condition and the combination is known. Also note the engraving on the back.

The price is $500. Please contact the seller directly (not me) at:


The Amazing Michael said...

Hello, this is my lock and it is still for sale. However, my e-mail has been changed to due to excessive problems with hotmail. Thanks!

thedragonsmith said...

Thats a nice lock! I've been after one for a while but I want one without the combo, so I can develope a method to decode them. Good luck with your sale! Ebay may render a lot of bids with a final selling price over $500. just a thought.

The Amazing Michael said...

This lock has been sold.