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Oct 23, 2009


I would like to get my hands on a set of these one day.

Up for bid are these nice and extremely rare WALTON, ROMER & CO. leg irons. To the right of each leg iron keyhole area it says "WALTON, ROMER & CO. NEWARK NJ PAT APR 27 80". You can see this in my second and third photos if you click on supersized mode.

I am not an expert nor a collector, but I will do my best to fairly describe these leg irons in this listing. Each leg iron is 4-1/2" across at its widest with a circumference of about 15-1/2". Stretched out full they measure 27-3/4". They weight about 2 lbs. 2 ozs. on a postage scale. There are eighteen chain links holding the two irons together. I think someone who knows what they are doing can clean these up very nicely. One of the irons had some rust on it and the rust looked very loose so I just tried some fine steel wool on it and it rubbed right off. Actually, I think most of the rust came from one of the other more rusted irons laying on top of this one for decades. I just used the steel wool on the right side of one of the irons. The chain can use some cleaning.

I DO NOT HAVE THE KEY FOR THESE - they are in the locked position. However, I have been told to check the hinge areas and locking areas. When I tug on them, there is a bit of movement or "play" so I do not believe they are rusted shut. They look to be in nice condition for their age and I think that the key will open them without big problems.

Hopefully I have included enough photos in this listing for you collectors to determine if this is the prize you have been looking for. - eBay (12 Oct 2009)

This set of leg irons had a high bid of $1,480 (Plus $6.95 Shipping).

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