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Oct 4, 2009

Lion's Head Padlock

I have one good example of this padlock here. Too bad that this one is in poor condition.

Vintage "Lion's Head" Padlock (Without Key - Requires Repair)

Your bid is invited on this well-made brass padlock:

This padlock measures about 2 inches diameter and appears to be solid brass. The lion-head is outstanding. The hasp is open, and I don't have a key

There are no marks to indicate the maker or origin. The figures "1" and "C" appear stamped on the hasp.

A knowledgeable collector pointed out this lock should click shut when the hasp is depressed. It does not. It will need internal repair and of course, a key. - eBay (28 Sept 2009)
This padlock had a high bid of $147.50 (Plus $6.35 Shipping).

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