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Oct 27, 2009

Boer Plug 8 Handcuffs

I still have to get myself a set of these.

Very heavy Boer War Plug (figure of) Eight handcuffs.

Please note that I am neither a collector nor an expert in restraints and I am doing my best to describe these handcuffs in photos and words:

It has a double lock and the key that is used to unlock it has two ends. PLEASE NOTE I DO NOT HAVE THE KEY. I understand the keys are not as scarce as the cuffs and also that one can be made. You must unscrew the plug to gain access to the lock. The plug provides extra security by limiting access to the bolt. One end of the key unscrews the plug and then the other end screws into the lock to open.

The cuffs do not have any visible markings on them.

The handcuffs measure 5-1/8" across and 3-1/4" high. They weigh 1 lb. 4.8 ozs. on my postage scale. - eBay (11 Oct 2009)

This padlock had a high bid of $207.50 (Plus $7.20 Shipping).

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