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Oct 26, 2009


A very interesting design for handcuffs.

One of the most wanted handcuffs by collectors: The french LYON PRESTO

The LYON PRESTO have been manufectured between 1920 and 1922. Just during 2 years near the city of LYON. It is the reason why this model is very rare

I am an handcuffs collector and I have never seen this model on eBay US before. You will find other LYON PRESTO models (not for sale) just here:

The handcuffs are in nice condition. and of course fully working with I think an original key. The chain has been probably cutted then welded again. The smell weld is very old. . You can easily see the little weld on a photo.

This model has been found after the moving of the gendarmerie(french police force) at CHATEAU-CHINON some years ago in the center of FRANCE. The cuffs have beend used by the police. - eBay (10 Oct 2009)

This set of handcuffs had a high bid of $485 (Plus $30 Shipping).

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