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Apr 9, 2012

Mystery Iron Curtain Cuffs

Here is a very interesting set of cuffs. One of the interesting aspects is that the story behind the cuffs is apparently unknown.

I Sell ​​this original iron handcuffs with original key. Handcuffs are stamped with the number 1002 and in the center piece: a triangle inside a circle.

I guess 1880-1910s.
Slight rust is present.

Important: Because of the giant resonance with respect to any amount of questions and set the handcuffs, I offer a worldwide shipping.
The key is 100% original and the cuffs can be opens it.

Weight about 4 pounds. The cuffs are handmade.

These handcuffs are originals with keys and are a rarity in this state.
You can see, only in a police museum - eBay (3 Feb 2012)
This set of cuffs had a high bid of 1,324.15 Euros (Plus 6.90 Euros Shipping).

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