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Apr 5, 2012

bronze miniature snowflake star necklace pendant MINI padlock

This is an interesting miniature padlock. I was a bit surprised at the price that this little jewel went for!

very rare MINIATURE - MINI -- MINI - padlock with key .... lock is ONLY --- 3/4 inch in size !!! .... height is approx. 7/8 inch..... key goes into the bottom - then you turn the key just slightly.......the lock works great....... - eBay (6 Mar 2012)
This padlock had a high bid of $235.50 (Plus $5.85 Shipping).


shhh...sherlock said...

suprising shame that it fetches such a price....but I understand why. A seemingly unique & beautiful piece that would be valued by several circles?.... Oh yes. ^.^ Was brought to this page via my quick attempt to try to visually illustrate a strong image in my mind that is persistently distracting me from doing some yardwork: the words "Perception is key." Those words, & all the tangents my mind is running along. So yeah, needed to find an image that would allow me to hang all these thoughts on, so I could continue on with my day & my chores, LOL. So "YAY!", I've found an image.....but boo-hiss because now I feel a mission to find my own seemingly unique & beautiful piece!! ;-)

shhh...sherlock said...

oh wow!!! Started checking out some really sweet antique locks (and restraints)...... I never knew how cool they could be!!! :-)