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Apr 13, 2012


Now this is something special. These combination locks are a pretty common find on eBay, however I have never seen a jumbo size. I didn't know they even existed, until now.

EX RARE Antique Bronze & iron 4 wheel combination padlock Combination : ROMY, made 1777's one of its padlock is exposed to the museum national techniques in Paris view the website : (page 52 and 53) size 3.1/2 inches(8.5cm)by 2.3/4 inches (7cm), diameter of roll 1.57 (4cm), weight 700g(1.74 lb)!!! - eBay (12 April 2012)
This padlock had an opening bid of $1,500 (Plus Shipping) but failed to find any bidders. I honestly have no clue what the right price for this padlock would be. Off the top of my head, I think I would be willing to part with $800 for it, and that is more than I have paid for any padlock. That is not an estimate of value, just a floor on what it might be worth...

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