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Apr 2, 2012


Here is another example of a Clarke Combination padlock.

We are offering an antique Brass Combination Lock whose back is marked " PAT'D Feb 4 , 1873 REISSUED Feb 29, 1876 ". It comprises a Dial set over 10 Pins labeled " A B C D E F G I O U ". The Pins activate the Combination for release when pushed in the proper sequence ( I believe ). The Dial also moves in and out and possibly around. The Lock is now in the Locked position. We do not have the combination. Condition is Very Good with an allover Warm Patina. There are the dings and scratches one would expect of an old Brass Lock. Kindly refer to our Photos. It Measures about 2 7/8 " Vertically. Thank you. - eBay (6 Feb 2012)
This padlock had a high bid of $330 (Plus $5.30 Shipping).

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