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Nov 1, 2010

Announcing "The Big Book of U.S. Handcuff Patents"

It is my pleaseure to bring the following new book to the attention of fellow handcuff collectors:

Hi Fellow Handcuff Collectors and Enthusiasts,

At long last, I have completed "The Big Book of U.S. Handcuff Patents", a comprehensive chronological compilation of handcuff, manacle, and shackle patents from 1860 through 2007 outlining the history of restraint design in the U.S. It is a fully indexed, 1089 page 2 volume set containing 218 full patents along with photos and histories. The Index and Table of Contents are too long to be posted here, but they can be viewed by going to The price for the 2 volume set is $64.95 plus shipping only if ordered from the Big Book web site. It will also be offered on Ebay, but at a higher price due to Ebay's fees. Check it out and order your copy today. - Link

Book homepage here.

View the forum discussion here.

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