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Oct 25, 2010

Romer Leg Cuffs

These are very rare leg irons. Amazingly these items were sold for nothing near their actual value. Look below to see what a deal the buyer got!

Nice vintage set of leg shackles for the collector from late 1800's. In working condition, nice smooth surface and patina, with key, shackles open nicely and close decidedly. Stamped on both cuffs is Walton, Romero & Co. Newark NJ Pat. Apr 27 1880. Chain about 17", cuffs about 4.5" diameter. Used by police, prisons, military?, and escape artists worldwide in the day. - eBay (22 Oct 2010)

This set of leg irons had a 'buy-it-now' price of $85 (Plus $4.95 Shipping). How quick did you have to be to pick this deal up? I was the second person to view the bid and I was already too late! (I still listed it in the over $1,000 catagory based simply on the value, not the bid.)

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