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Nov 23, 2010

A. Rankin Handcuffs

This is a nice set of cuffs. As of yet, I do not own a pair.

What we have for sale is an authentic antique set of A. Rankin handcuffs. These cuffs were patented in 1866. This is the "small size" version. They have the patented "A. Rankin Phila" markings on them as well as a "Patent Dec 10th 186" marking. The locks and springs of these cuffs are completely intact. When trying to pull apart in locked position they do not come apart. For as old as these restraints are they are in pretty good shape. They do come with the original key. These would be an excellent addition to anyones collection. If anyone would like more pictures, please contact me and I will accomodate you. Also, any and all questions are welcome. I spoke with a collector to make sure as to give a factual listing. - eBay (14 Nov 2010)

This set of cuffs had a high bid of $865.50 (Plus $9.95 Shipping).

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