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Apr 7, 2010

Another Nice Set of Stotz Handcuffs

Here is another Nice Set of Stotz Handcuffs. This set went for a couple hundred more than the other exaples you can see by clicking here (STOTZ).

I still have yet to get a set for myself, but it is definately on my shopping list!

This is a superb example of a rare and seldom encountered German Pair of Handcuffs Manacles by A. Stotz which date from the late 19th Century. Both cuffs remain extremely nice with all the plating still nicely intact and the maker's name well stamped on one side. Still present, is the original key. Both cuffs as well as the key all remain in perfect working order. - eBay (5 April 2010)

This set of Stotz handcuffs had a high bid of $810 (Plus $8.10 Shipping).

1 comment:

Anneal said...

out of My price range...but VERY nice looking set!