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Mar 27, 2010

THE FIFTH ELEMENT Stunt Police Handcuffs

OK, not technically a restraint, but it played one in a cool move:

The Fifth Element
Stunt Handcuffs


Major Korben Dallas is a former special ops soldier who has retired to the quiet life of a New York cabbie in the year 2259. Suddenly, out of the sky and into his cab falls a woman who will change his life forever. Leeloo, the "perfect being" (and fifth element), will will allow our hero to taste the love for which he has so desperately been looking. Furthermore, the government that he had previously so faithfully served but then abandoned, will once again tap him for his military talents. In the end, Leeloo and Korben will discover that the way they feel for one another fuels the vehicle that will save the world.

Based on a story conceived by director Luc Besson, The Fifth Element explores the extremes of love, hate, good, evil, generosity, and greed in a thought-provoking yet entertaining fashion. Viewers are transported to a plausible 23rd century New York City, where towering buildings dominate the landscape, flying cars are the norm, and interstellar travel is as commonplace as a trip to Europe is today.

Although very successful at the time of its release, The Fifth Element has also become a movie cult classic, which will eventually take its place among the great pantheon of science fiction films.


Handcuffs make up the standard compliment of accessories carried by both the NYPD (New York City Police Department) and Fhloston Paradise ship's security. The handcuffs being offered here were used by one of these two police forces (or both).

Since the cuffs being worn by priest Vito Cornelius in the screen capture below are connected by a bar, it is very possible that the handcuffs in this auction were employed by the New York City police. On the other hand, they could possibly be a variant type also employed on the Fhloston Paradise ship by its security.

Although this style of handcuff can also be briefly seen in a New York City police car (see screen captures below), and is again employed to restrain Cornelius on Fhloston Paradise, the exact variation represented by the stunt handcuffs being offered in this auction cannot be found anywhere while viewing a theatrical cut of the movie. At least, this researcher was unable to find them.

Nonetheless, the handcuffs being offered here are warranted to have been production-made and production-used in The Fifth Element.


You are bidding on a set of production-used The Fifth Element stunt handcuffs. The two cuffs are constructed of resin and connected by a metal chain.

One of the s-hooks connecting the chain to one of the cuffs has been broken and is included as-is. This should be relatively easy to fix by finding a replacement at any local hardware store.

Also, this unusual piece of The Fifth Element memorabilia includes the following certificate of authenticity (COA): - eBay (23 Feb 2010)

These movie prop handcuffs had a high bid of $54.88 (Plus $5 Shipping).

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