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Apr 19, 2010

Nazi German Gestapo Folding Cuffs

Here is an interesting set of WWII Nazi Gestapo folding handcuffs.

Flohmarktfund, gut erhaltene, vorschriftsmässige Handschellen aus dem 3. Reich, voll funktionsfähig, inkl. Schlüssel. Stelleweise leichter Flugrost. Schöne Stempel.

Billigere Versandart möglich, nur nach Absprache, und auf Risiko des Käufers. - Cheaper postage possible, but only to the risk of the buyer. Please ask before auction ends.
- eBay (21 March 2010)

This set of handcuffs had a high bid of 1,330 Euros/$1,800.55 (Plus 14.05 Euros Shipping).

1 comment:

subocean said...

I have a very unusual single handcuff restraint I was told was Nazi.

It is stainless steel - absolutely zero makers marks. Precision made like by Smith & Wesson.

Opening wrist steel grip with handgrip that you can ratchet & tighten on a mans wrist to control them - I imagine.

Would you know this?

Stay well,