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Apr 22, 2010

For Sale: Clarke Combinationn Desk Drawer Lock $850

I received an email noting that the following rare lock is for sale:

Hi, are you interested in a Clarke Patent Combination Keyless Lock, complete, as removed from a small drop-front secretary/desk lid of the 1875-9 era? There are 3 extra pins (2 active and 1 inactive) and the original printed "Directions for using" sheet. The sheet describes the method to be used for changing combinations on both this desk lock and the padlocks shown on your Web site. Surfaces are untouched and are nickel-plated over brass, with no rust or filing, sanding or polishing evident. Any crud shown is as found.. The lock obviously had a lot of uses other than desk lids, such as chests, bureaus, trunks and such, but I've never seen another.

The price is $850 and I think it's fair for what may be a unique item with original documentation. Money order or Paypal accepted. Thank you, and you have a great Website, by the way.

You can contact the seller directly at: djhewett (at)

Note: I am not the seller of this lock. Even better for you, I have no money at the moment to purchase this lock.

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