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Mar 3, 2010

A8 Handcuff Restraint Handcuffs Shackle

I think this is a very interesting restraint, but I am hard pressed to see the usefulness of it other than as used in the photo. That said, it appears to do this one job very, very well.

Brand new in original box.

Size: Small
General Information

A8 Locking Restraint is of High quality construction.
The Cuff works simaler as the darby design, and it uses a allen wrench key design. consequently there is no possibility of the Cuffs being over tightened.

Made by Kub with excellent workmanship. 1 key included.

Product Specifications

Size longest inner part of this large cuff is 2 1/4inches/58mm. By 1 3/4inch/43mm. they are designed to conform to the wrist.
Weight 1.25 lb
Lock A8 Allen Lock, Twist Lock

Key One Allen Wrench Style Key

Manufacturer KUB - 130

- eBay (28 Feb 2010)

This restraint has a 'Buy-it-Now' price of $44.95, or best offer (Plus $9.95 Shipping).

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Someone should invent a large, restraining "chest cuff/band" (plastic, adjustable) that would fit around the upper chest/arms and it could quickly be attached from behind or in front of a standing person, to secure them, even if they're physically large. It would reduce all the struggling that can occur now, when trying to pull their arms/hands to their back for handcuffing.