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Dec 28, 2011

Monastery key with it lock door, 100 to 200 years old

These monestary keys are common enough. But I have always wondered what the lock itself looked like. Here is an example of the lock and how the key fits within it.

Key with it lock door, antique victorien monastery. From 100 to 200 years old very rare, good conditions. - eBay (12 Nov 2011)
This key and lock had a 'Buy-it-Now' bid of $150 (Plus $10 Shipping).


jowdjbrown said...

This is sheer genius. Instead of messing with a deadbolt or chain, or even a slide lock to lock yourself inside your hotel room, pull the knob in! This kind of door lock is already being utilized in Europe. I hope it makes it over in the U.S. soon. mckinney tx locksmith

Jim Archibald said...

I've always wanted a Monk Key, now I know what one looks like!