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Jan 3, 2012

Patent Jan. 1,1895,Josiah Deal,Permutation Padlock,Combination Lock,Canton,Ohio

Here is an interesting combination padlock.

This is a great early padlock that is very hard to find. It is a Josiah J. Deal, of Canton, Ohio Permutation Padlock that was patented on New Years Day, 1895. The lock works beautifully, and I took photos of it completely disassembled for you lock collectors that have never seen one apart. This combination can be set to many different combinations by switching the discs around, or turning them over. This lock is a little more complex than just a basic stack in that it has recessed cuts in the discs on both sides to make it harder to pick. Photo # 7 shows one side of the disc, and the other side of it is exactly the same. This lock is marked "PAT. APL'D. FOR" on the top plate. It was nickel plated at one time, but most the nickel is worn off. The lock is 2-1/2" High, and 1-3/16" in diameter. I will send copies of the patent (#531,676) papers to the winner of the lock.

Thanks for looking, and GOOD LUCK!. - eBay (23 Nov 2011)
This padlock had a high bid of $399 (Plus $5.50 Shipping).


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