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Dec 19, 2011

Bean Giant

Here is the latest set of Bean Giant handcuffs to sell on eBay.

Antique 1887 Houdini Type Handcuffs Bean Giant Excellent Nickel Plate NR .

Here is a very nice set of original Bean Giant handcuffs offered with no reserve or buy it now.

These handcuffs were made famous by Houdini. Just Google Bean Giant Handcuffs and you will see.

Condition seems to be excellent in my opinion considering the age. There are some dings and spots of rust otherwise the nickel plating is 95% or better. They come with what looks like an original key that also has some tiny rust spots or dark areas. It looks to me like the cover may have been taken off at one time? Look at my photos and judge for your self. The handcuffs are in working order and lock and unlock as they should. When you turn the key to unlock they will stay unlocked until you push the buttons for each cuff side. A neat feature. The cover is stamped PAT.NOV.1.87. - eBay (16 Nov 2011)
This Bean Giant Handcuff had a high bid of $1,236.87 (Plus $6.50 Shipping).

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