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Mar 8, 2011

W.C. Sinclair Padlock

This is one of the rarer ones...

I know next to nothing about this lock, but I do know it's rare and seldom seen. Its stamped W.C. Sinclair on the iron hasp. It is also stamped "patent" on the swinging door. This lock would have once had a trick to the left of the front face door, depressed by the bow of the key with an extra point. There is no key, but also the parts do not rattle inside. The lock is in the open position. The front door is somewhat loose. The back door moves to the side, I believe to allow the key to fully rotate in the lock. The measurements are 4in tall, 3in wide, and 1in thick. - eBay (24 Jan 2011)

This padlock had an opening bid of $1,000 (Plus free Shipping) but it is unclear what, if any, price it was sold for as the auction ended early.

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