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Mar 15, 2011

Prisoner Transport Kit

Here are some photos of a prisoner transport kit. I have no other details, so feel free to share in the comments!

Does anyone know of any others in existence?


Anonymous said...

Hi LARS I own one of these and received it from a x FBI agent, he sent me info after the purchase that when the Washington DC office moved he cleared out a stock room and was to throw out about 1/2 a dozen of these,he keep one and i bought it from EBAY yours in in better shape then the one i have but mine is still what i would concider good. i posted it to the forum soon after purchase under the heading i think of" IS THIS THE ONLY ONE" going back to the forum now and will check it and repost it there


elmo iscariot said...

The cuffs at lower right look much younger than the rest of the kit--their engravings look just like current production Peerless cuffs, at least at this distance. They're probably a replacement for a Bean Cobb handcuff that originally matched the leg irons.