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Aug 26, 2010

DK Miller Pancake Advertising Padlock Railway

Yes, this sold for $3,000!

Here we have to offer an early D.K. Miller, push key, pancake padlock manuafactured approximately 1875. This is actually not a working padlock but one of the rare pieces that they made as advertising or promotional items. In researching the Miller Lock Company over the years, we found that they had a good association with the Fairbanks Morse Company as they were a distributor and manufacturer of railroad supplies amongst tons of other items. This piece is in fabulous condition with what apears to be much of the original paint intact. Originally nickel plated, some of this is worn away over the years but overall it is such a rare piece and the condition is great. - eBay (12 June 2010)

This padlock had a high bid of $3,000 (Plus $10 Shipping).


LockChick said...

Crazy! I can see why someone would want it though.

thedragonsmith said...

I agree. Thats probably the coolest pancake lock I've seen.