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Aug 17, 2010

19th Century Hiatt Plug Leg Iron Shackles

I tend to collect restraints that are a little more modern than these. But that does not mean that these are not interesting. But sometimes you just need to draw the line somewhere.

19th Century Hiatt Plug Leg Iron Shackles

Steel leg irons, each end marked 'HIATT', they measure 9.5cm diameter, removable plug fasteners , complete with the original double ended key which is marked '3', the chain measures 29cm long, in good working order, no damage - eBay (27 July 2010)

These leg irons had a high bid of 680 British Pounds/$1,086.23 (Plus 7.50 Pounds Shipping).

1 comment:

LockChick said...

My friend owns a pair, maybe two pairs of these - I'll email you the pictures, they are lovely - beautiful patina