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Jan 23, 2010

Super Expensive Silver Plated Gucci Handcuffs

Not sure what to think of these. They are only silver plated. They are not even real handcuffs in that they unlock with a push of a button.

This auction is for a pair of authentic Gucci handcuffs. I purchased these myself at Gucci Beverly Hills. Only a limited number were made/sold. I thought I lost these but came across them while unpacking a moving box the other day. They are in good condition - there are no major scratches - they are a bit tarnished and will need to be polished. I did a search for the handcuffs and was surprised to see that Christie's Auction House recently sold a pair for $2400. Keyless operation. There is a button you press and the cuff opens. Each cuff says GUCCI made in Italy on one side and the number 161297 on the other. Great for a got it all Gucci fan or someone who is into cuffs. Silver plated. Super cool. U.S. bidders only, please. - eBay (17 Jan 2010)

This piece of Gucci jewelry had a high bid of $699.99 (Plus Free Shipping).


Anonymous said...

Hi there, I'm interested in this item. Are they for sale? Are you open to offers? Please let me know asap. Thank you!

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OHHH I can't believe that exists Silver Plated Gucci Handcuffs, I though that it was a joke ahaha, but now I really want those handcuffs!