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Jan 7, 2010

1861-69 U S INTERNAL REVENUE - Counter Seal Padlock

Here is a padlock I would like to add to my collection, if only I had the money to 'waste' on it.

rare U S INTERNAL REVENUE -- COUNTER -- lock complete with a nice working key.... lock is marked -- TOWNSEND PAT'D - DEC. 15, 61 -- JULY 27, 69 (1861-1869) --MAN''F'G CO -- BUFFALO, N.Y. --...... the side that is marked INTERNAL - U.S. - REVENUE -- has a GLASS covered COUNTER indicator above it..... each time that the lock is unlocked, the counter moves 1 number......... this allowed the INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE to be able to tell when the lock was unlocked etc etc ...... lock works does the dust cover......... - eBay (9 Dec 2009)

This padlock had an opening bid of $2,750 (Plus $10 Shipping) but received no bids or best offers.

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