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Jan 15, 2010


My favorite type of handcuffs.

Here are a great example of the original BEAN GIANT handcuffs. They are only marked with the early patent date of NOV. 1, 87. They are in almost perfect condition with no breaks or cracks. They have NEVER been opened or messed with in any way except the old sheriff hand-etched his initals of "C/K" on the reverse side of the keyhole. The keyhole is undamaged and has no modification. The original BEAN key is provided and they work great. Turn the key counter clockwise, the two buttons pop up and the hasps will swing freely until the button is pressed down and this locks the hasps. The key has no markings and has a slight "twist" from someone turning it clockwise, but it is solid and shows no weakness, it will open them everytime!

The nickel plating is all original. It shows only the slightest wear on the ends of the hasps from use. There are only a few tiny spots of rust around the keyhole area and in a few other places, but these are the best ones I have seen in a while! They are used and original, but were well cared for. They are factory and were never opened for repair and never seen bubba's grinding wheel. They are uncleaned, unpolished and are new to the market, ready for your collection! They are 6" long overall, 2 7/8" tall, the hole for your wrist fully closed is 2 7/16" across. - eBay (12 Dec 2009)

This Bean Giant had a high bid of $1,750 (Plus Free Shipping).

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