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Jan 4, 2010

'INCREDIBLE HULK' Movie Prop Handcuffs

Here is a very nice set of movie prop handcuffs. Actually two sets:

THE INCREDIBLE HULK Celebrity EDWARD NORTON Screen Used Bruce Banner Handcuff Set MARVEL MOVIE PROP from 2008. Direct from the MARVEL STUDIOS Archive these come complete and include a Certificate Of Authenticity Hand Signed by both STAN LEE and President Of Production at Marvel Studios KEVIN FEIGE. This genuine film-production Movie Prop was one of several screen-used items used by actor Edward Norton in the MARVEL STUDIOS blockbuster THE INCREDIBLE HULK starring Edward Norton, Liv Tyler, Tim Roth, and William Hurt. These are industrial custom designed heavy duty STEEL milled Bruce Banner captivity handcuffs. They are not faux prop cuffs but custom designed indestructable cuffs... perfect for keeping the Hulk from doing the damage he is known for. They are extremely heavy and designed to match what would be the reality of the power that is Hulk. They are indestructable and require a special INCLUDED driver for releasing its captive. 2 of these were made specifically for the Gunship scene at the finale of the movie prior to his leap of faith before battling the Abomination. Winner will receive the set of 2, the Driver, and the Certificate of Authenticity... they the only 2 in existence. Check out our other auctions for other rare comics and Marvel items!

The Incredible Hulk debuted in The Incredible Hulk #1 (May 1962), created by writer Stan Lee and penciler and co-plotter Jack Kirby. Since his introduction the HULK has appeared in feature films, television series, television movies and various animated series in 1966, 1982 and 1996 to become a popular culture icon. And in 2008 Marvel Studios ushered in a new vision of its iconic character in….THE INCREDIBLE HULK. The Incredible Hulk smashed into theaters June 13th, 2008 and is now available on DVD and Blu-ray. - eBay

This custom set of cuffs has a 'Buy-it-now' price of $4,999.99 (Plus $49.99 Shipping). They are also taking best offers.

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These were re-listed here ( with a buy-it-now price of $2,489.97